Duck Blinds at Presque Isle State Park


The Duck Club is in charge of overseeing the drawing and
assignment and regulations over all 72 blinds on Presque Isle State Park.

Orange Stakes mark Blind Locations

Presque Isle State Park has Duck and Goose hunting from 72 different
blind locations as well as opportunities for Lay Out Box Hunting.
If it is your first time to the Park or even the first time of the season, be sure
to stop by the TREC Center or Ranger Station to pick up a copy of the regulations.
Sign-ups for the Duck Blinds start the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. The
drawing is then on the Sunday morning two weeks following.
Those drawn will receive a post card with instructions to come to the Assignment
at the TOM RIDGE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER the following Sunday. Those drawn may then build a blind on their assigned site according to the regulations.
Blinds are free to use by the public for hunting when the owner is not using it.

Duck Blind Locations black and white 2014

Duck Blind Locations 2014