Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings are held with the Executive Board, Directors and Members.  These meetings are a forum to discuss issues, plan fundraisers, discuss season dates, report on events, assign duties for Presque Isle Blind maintenance and many more waterfowling and conservation issues. Meetings are held at the Erie SAGA  Club on the first Monday of each month at 7pm.  This is located on West 38th street and Washington Ave, just behind the plaza.  The September Meeting will be on September 11th due to the holiday the week before.

Attending meetings is the best first step you can take in getting involved in your club.  You can get to know the Board, enjoy conversation of other like minded waterfowlers and get the chance to be involved as much as you would like.

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Mailing address:
Northwest PA Duck Hunters Association
P.O. Box 8073
Erie, PA 16505


Shawn Feiock
Phone: 814-882-3473