Handicap Duck Blind on Presque Isle State Park

Handicap Duck Blind
Located just before Perry Monument on
Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania.  BLIND # 40.

Making the Excitement of Duck Hunting Available to Everyone

The Handicap Blind on Presque Isle is not assigned to any one individual during the blind drawing. It is open and available for any handicap hunters. If no handicap person is using the blind, any hunter may set up there.  If a handicap hunter does arrive at anytime and requests use of this blind, other hunters must pick up and leave immediately.
Please be respectful and courteous. You are capable of using any blind on the park and this is the only one they may be able to access. This handicap blind was paid for and built by your NWPA Duck Hunters Association. It is maintained and repaired each off season when needed.