Blind Information for Sign-ups, Drawing and Pick for 2020-21 season with Covid considerations in place

Changes to Duck Hunting on Presque Isle and the Blind Lottery

What a crazy few months we have had as a community and nation, I pray you all are safe and in good health.  We have been delayed in sending out a newsletter because so much has been in flux.  What we have today is very different than the information we started to send out a few months ago.  So for the sake of not having to revise and edit the information multiple times we have chosen to wait until we thought we had a solid approved draft.  Much of this we have been at the whim of the state and awaiting approval of what we are and are not allowed to do.   Truthfully this could also change, but it is the best information we have right now and it is getting too close to the blind sign ups to delay any further.  Thank you for your patience and thank you to the staff at Presque Isle State Park for your cooperation and help navigating and planning through all of these new circumstances we are forced to deal with.

Blind Lottery Sign ups

The Blind Lottery Sign ups will proceed as normal with only a few changes.  The blind sign ups will take place between the dates of September 4th-19th.  Hunters must show up in person and present a valid 2020-21 hunting license, migratory bird stamp, and a SIGNED Federal Duck Stamp.

Hunters may sign up at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center on MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND FRIDAY from 8AM to 4PM using the office entrance doors on the right side of the building.  Hunters may also sign up on SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 8AM to 4PM at the RANGER STATION.  There will be NO AVAILABILTY TO SIGN UP ON WEDNESDAYS OR THURSDAYS.  This is due to reduced staffing and hours of operation of the center during COVID regulations.  We are thankful they are able to accommodate us at all and grateful for their efforts to help us through this.

Blind Drawing

The morning of the September 20 will be the drawing for blinds.  We will set up a table outside the TREC center entrance to sign up any stragglers before the drawing from 8-10AM.  At 10AM a few representatives from the club will enter the TREC Center and set up a FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM with the supervision of Park Administrators to officiate.  The Draw will be done live online and names of those drawn read in order.  The listing will then publish immediately afterwards on our website  This was our only real option with a restriction of 25 or less in any park facility.

Blind Pick

The Blind Pick will have a few changes to normal procedure as well.  The pick will take place at 10AM September 27 at the runners club pavilion on Presque Isle State Park.  This is the new building that is just off the first parking lot on the lake side upon entering the park.  Blind owners will receive a postcard with their drawing order number and a time slot to pick their blind.  Time slots will also be on the website for reference.  Every 10 blinds picks will have a different half hour time slot.  You have to be there before you slot or you will forfeit your blind.  This will allow us to operate outside, and maintain required social distancing.  Each drawing winner may only bring one guest up to the table to help with selection.  We must not have a giant crowd at the pavilion at any one time.  When one group of ten finishes, we will announce through the parking lot what group is next so that people can hang out in the lot and remain spread out.

10:00-10:30  pick 1-10

10:30-11:00 pick 11-20

11:00-11:30 pick 21-30

11:30-noon pick 31-40

noon- 12:30 pic 41-50

12:30-1:00 pick 51-60

1:00-1:30 remaining picks

Blind Owners and Co-Owner Definitions, Rights and Responsibilities:

1.  The person whose name is drawn is the Primary Owner of the Blind.

2.  Primary Owner may list one other person as the Co-Owner of the Blind.

3.  These designations are permanent and cannot be changed throughout the season.

4.  One of these two people must be present at the Blind Pick, and have license, migratory and stamp of co-owner with them if not present

5.  Both Owner and Co-Owner have equal rights to occupy their blind at any time.  No other person other than the two specific names on the permit, has the right at any time to ask another party to vacate a blind.

*  If you are using someone else’s blind and someone shows up and claims to be the Owner or Co-Owner and asks you to leave, that is their right to do so at any time but identification must be shown to verify that they are in fact the Owner or Co-Owner.  Park Rangers will not tolerate disputes and will ask all parties to leave the park.

6.  When neither Owner or Co-Owner are present, the blind may be used by the public.  Non owners should not take possession of a blind anytime earlier than one hour before shooting hours.  No exceptions.

7.  A person’s name may only appear on ONE blind permit on the park.  If you are EITHER the Owner or a Co-Owner on one blind, you MAY NOT be the Owner or Co-Owner on any other blind on the park that year.

8.  With equal rights comes equal responsibility.  Both Owner and Co-Owner are responsible for maintaining their blind.  Trash bags should be provided, regularly removed, and the blind maintained for the public.

9.  At the end of the season, both Owner and Co-Owner are responsible for blind removal on or before the posted deadline.

10.  Failure to remove your blind by the deadline will result in BOTH the Owner and Co-Owner being fined, and BOTH being placed on the list of ineligibility for future blind drawing.  Owners leaving up blinds past the deadline will also be fined by the state


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