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Monday March 14th  7pm Erie Yacht Club.  Elections for new directors and season recommendations for next year.  Flyway Council has moved up the process and seasons will be released much earlier now.

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Deadline for Blind Teardown and Removal: SUNDOWN SUNDAY JANUARY 17th.  Please police your area well.  Remove all trash, cement blocks, and building materials.  You don’t want a littering citation from the Park , a FINE from the duck club, or to be placed on the list of people ineligible to be a blind owner or co-owner.

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Dirty Ducks

A sincere wing dip to all of the members hard at work to give the club and duck hunters in general a good name.  Your respect for the outdoors and the precious waterfowl resources that we love do not go unnoticed.    There has been quite a few violations on the park by a few hunters who do not share that same respect.  Shooting at cormorants, seagulls, removing plugs, and using lead shot to name a few.  Please we do not need people like this among our ranks and we need to be proactive in cleaning up our sport.  If you see flagrant violations, call the Franklin office of the Game Commission immediately.  If they have timely information, they will get there fast and go after offenders.  Have a great rest of the season, hope the weather changes soon to push those migrants down out of the clouds.

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Your club, the NORTHWESTERN PA DUCK HUNTERS ASSOCIATION, brought together and assembled the  PA Game Commission, Susquehanna River Waterfowlers, Delta Waterfowl, DCNR, PA Federation of Sporting Clubs, PA Fish and Boat, US Fish and Wildlife, and Ducks Unlimited.  PA WHISTLING WINGS was born.  First project is awareness and education in waterfowling ethics. You’ll be seeing these posters in duck blinds, boat ramps, sports stores, and gamelands all over the state of Pennsylvania.  This is now the clubs officially adopted Code of Ethics.

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WingDing Banquet and Raffle 2016

The Annual Wingding will be held on Sunday October 23rd 2016.  Perch Dinner, drinks, and lots and lots of guns and prizes.  This is our only fundraiser and supports not only hunting at Presque Isle but many local regional waterfowl projects.  This is the day before the season opener on Presque Isle, what better way to gear up for the season.  Please try to attend and support your club!  Click the WINGDING tab above for more information.

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Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Homeless

Please Share with all the Hunters that you know.  Click on image to enlarge.

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Sept 2-Sept.17 2016:      Sign ups for Blind Drawing:  Blind Drawing TREC CENTER Sept 17  10AM


Sept. 24 2016        Blind Pick TREC CENTER  10AM

NEW:  Blind Owners and Co-Owner Definitions, Rights and Responsibilities:

1.  The person whose name is drawn is the Primary Owner of the Blind.

2.  Primary Owner may list one other person as the Co-Owner of the Blind.

3.  These designations are permanent and cannot be changed throughout the season.

4.  One of these two people must be present at the Blind Pick.

5.  Both Owner and Co-Owner have equal rights to occupy their blind at any time.  No other person other than the two specific names on the permit, has the right at any time to ask another party to vacate a blind.

*  If you are using someone else’s blind and someone shows up and claims to be the Owner or Co-Owner and asks you to leave, that is their right to do so at any time but identification must be shown to verify that they are in fact the Owner or Co-Owner.  Park Rangers will not tolerate disputes and will ask all parties to leave the park.

6.  When neither Owner or Co-Owner are present, the blind may be used by the public.  Non owners should not take possession of a blind anytime earlier than one hour before shooting hours.  No exceptions.

7.  A person’s name may only appear on ONE blind permit on the park.  If you are EITHER the Owner or a Co-Owner on one blind, you MAY NOT be the Owner or Co-Owner on any other blind on the park that year.

8.  With equal rights comes equal responsibility.  Both Owner and Co-Owner are responsible for maintaining their blind.  Trash bags should be provided, regularly removed, and the blind maintained for the public.

9.  At the end of the season, both Owner and Co-Owner are responsible for blind removal on or before the posted deadline.

10.  Failure to remove your blind by the deadline will result in BOTH the Owner and Co-Owner being fined, and BOTH being placed on the list of ineligibility for future blind drawings.



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Club Events for 2016-17

Duck Club Board and General Membership Meeting Dates:  Erie Yacht Club 7pm

Tuesday March 8th:  Elections and Season recommendations for next season

Monday April  4th

Monday May 2nd

Monday June 6th


Monday August 1st

More meeting details, events and updates to follow soon

3rd Annual Waterfowl Warm Up at Critters Path coming in August

Sept 2-Sept.17:      Sign ups for Blind Drawing


Sept. 17-18   Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo Conneaut Area Senior HS, Linesville PA

Sept. 24        Blind Pick Trec CENTER PI

October 23: Wing Ding Rainbow Gardens:  Gun raffle, Dinner, tons of prizes!

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Waterfowl Warm Up Shoot!

DON’T MISS IT!!!  This years clay shoot is in August 2016.  Date finalized soon.  Noncompetitive fun for all!  This event is open to anyone. You do not need to be a member to attend, so please bring your friends and family!

The cost will be $35 for a 100 shot course. We will also be offering a shorter 50 shot course for $25 if 100 is too long. This includes food and drink

We will also have a raffle at the shoot with great prizes from the shoot’s sponsors.

If you need any more informantion check out our FB event page or Anthoni Rossi via facebook or phone at 814-218-7838


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