Waterfowl Warm-Up Clay Shoot!

DON’T MISS IT!!!  This years clay shoot is in August 6th 2016.   Noncompetitive fun for all!  This event is open to anyone. You do not need to be a member to attend, so please bring your friends and family!  Start the course anytime between 9-noon.  Lunch and raffle drawing around noon and available till all have finished course.

The cost will be $35 for a 100 shot course. We will also be offering a shorter 50 shot course for $25 if 100 is too long. This includes food and drink.

We will also have a raffle at the shoot with great prizes from the shoot’s sponsors.  Look for great prizes from Lake Effect Decoys, The Erie Sports Store, Big Al’s, Hevishot, and Fallen Timber Game Calls

If you need any more information check out our FB event page or Anthoni Rossi via facebook or phone at 814-218-7838


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Your club, the NORTHWESTERN PA DUCK HUNTERS ASSOCIATION, brought together and assembled the  PA Game Commission, Susquehanna River Waterfowlers, Delta Waterfowl, DCNR, PA Federation of Sporting Clubs, PA Fish and Boat, US Fish and Wildlife, and Ducks Unlimited.  PA WHISTLING WINGS was born.  First project is awareness and education in waterfowling ethics. You’ll be seeing these posters in duck blinds, boat ramps, sports stores, and gamelands all over the state of Pennsylvania.  This is now the clubs officially adopted Code of Ethics.

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WingDing Banquet and Raffle 2016

The Annual Wingding will be held on Sunday October 23rd 2016.  Perch Dinner, drinks, and lots and lots of guns and prizes.  This is our only fundraiser and supports not only hunting at Presque Isle but many local regional waterfowl projects.  This is the day before the season opener on Presque Isle, what better way to gear up for the season.  Please try to attend and support your club!  Click the WINGDING tab above for more information.

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Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Homeless

Please Share with all the Hunters that you know.  Click on image to enlarge.

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Sept 2-Sept.17 2016:      Sign ups for Blind Drawing:  Blind Drawing TREC CENTER Sept 17  10AM


Sept. 24 2016        Blind Pick TREC CENTER  10AM

NEW:  Blind Owners and Co-Owner Definitions, Rights and Responsibilities:

1.  The person whose name is drawn is the Primary Owner of the Blind.

2.  Primary Owner may list one other person as the Co-Owner of the Blind.

3.  These designations are permanent and cannot be changed throughout the season.

4.  One of these two people must be present at the Blind Pick.

5.  Both Owner and Co-Owner have equal rights to occupy their blind at any time.  No other person other than the two specific names on the permit, has the right at any time to ask another party to vacate a blind.

*  If you are using someone else’s blind and someone shows up and claims to be the Owner or Co-Owner and asks you to leave, that is their right to do so at any time but identification must be shown to verify that they are in fact the Owner or Co-Owner.  Park Rangers will not tolerate disputes and will ask all parties to leave the park.

6.  When neither Owner or Co-Owner are present, the blind may be used by the public.  Non owners should not take possession of a blind anytime earlier than one hour before shooting hours.  No exceptions.

7.  A person’s name may only appear on ONE blind permit on the park.  If you are EITHER the Owner or a Co-Owner on one blind, you MAY NOT be the Owner or Co-Owner on any other blind on the park that year.

8.  With equal rights comes equal responsibility.  Both Owner and Co-Owner are responsible for maintaining their blind.  Trash bags should be provided, regularly removed, and the blind maintained for the public.

9.  At the end of the season, both Owner and Co-Owner are responsible for blind removal on or before the posted deadline.

10.  Failure to remove your blind by the deadline will result in BOTH the Owner and Co-Owner being fined, and BOTH being placed on the list of ineligibility for future blind drawings.



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Club Events for 2016-17


July                        No Monthly Meeting

August 27               3rd ANNUAL Waterfowl Warm Up CLAY SHOOT at Critters Path

August  1st Monthly Meeting Erie Yacht Club  7pm

Start planning for season start, blind pick and draw, and waterfowl expo

September 5th Monthly Meeting and planning for draw/ pick/ and expo

Sept 2-Sept.17:      Sign ups for Blind Drawing  at TREC CENTER


Sept. 17-18            Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo Conneaut Area Senior HS, Linesville PA

Sept. 24                 Blind Pick 10am TREC CENTER PRESQUE ISLE STATE PARK

October 23:          Wing Ding Rainbow Gardens:  Gun raffle, Dinner, tons of prizes!


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Be sure to review the new BLIND MAP.  All numbers and locations have changed.  Traditionally unused blinds have been removed to allow for respacing of existing blinds.  All blinds will now have greater distances between neighboring blinds.  We hope that this will reduce pressure, eliminate interference of neighboring hunters and provide better hunting on the park.  See Blind Map at the following links in color or black and white.

Duck Blind Locations black and white 2014

Duck Blind Locations 2014

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Mallard Tracker Project

Project DescriptionThe Duck Club is sponsoring a mallard as part of the Long Point Waterfowl Mallard Tracker Project.  Long Point Waterfowl’s “Mallard Tracker” Program is aimed at understanding habitat use and any factors that limit Mallard survival in the Lake St. Clair region. The program has been designed to investigate:

Mallard habitat use during autumn and winter

How Industrial Wind Turbines influence Mallard habitat use

Visit their site for details and follow your mallard “Lady Misery”, named after our own Misery Bay on Presque Isle State Park.  www.longpointwaterfowl.org

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Welcome to PaDuck.com

We are committed to preserve Waterfowling and protect the privileges of Duck Hunters!

Greater and Lesser Scaup are common among the migration through Lake Erie.

Each year the shores of Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie become alive with tradition and a spectacle that has been written about in countless documentations. Its the fall flight of ducks and geese through the breaking waters of Lake Erie.

Past Generations sat with us and told stories of braving the elements to bring home a meal to the table. They told us stories of patients and diligence that with time become more of a classroom lesson then a story. Sportsmanship added with conservation as well as conversation make the time we share on and off shore more lasting then time itself. Whether its with family, friend, or man’s best friend we pass a little time in nature’s realm the same way our ancestors have in the past.
The Northwestern Pennsylvania Duck Hunters’ Association is committed to see that future generations have the same opportunity to make friends, provide a meal, and spend some time back in nature.

Club President, Patrick Tarasovich helping the Game Commission with summer banding projects.






Northwestern PA Duck Hunters’
Association  Membership Application

Name             __________________________________________________

Address         __________________________________________________

City                 ___________________  State________    Zipcode  ___________

Phone             _______________________       Email ____________________

____New Member         ____Renewal

Please Print and Mail the above application with check for $10.00 to:

Northwest PA Duck Hunters Association

P.O. Box 8073

Erie, PA 16505

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